About Quavondo

Quavondo is a professional commercial photographer based out of Portland Oregon, but likes traveling to L.A. for work because Asians look better with a tan. After a long-standing freelance design career with ad agencies, Quavondo followed his path to self discovery. Driven by passion, he creates artistic and compelling photos of the World he sees.

In 2010, Quavondo was awarded a third place in the professional category of the International Photography Awards, which received over 18,000 entries from 104 countries. In 2009 and 2010 combined, Quavondo also had 17 images receive  Honorable Mention from the competition.

When not doing commercial work or personal work, Quavondo shoots stock imagery for Getty Images and iStock Photo, where he is one of the top 60 contributors (out of over 35,000) and where his photos have twice been selected as Top Ten Images of the Year.

When not photographing, he spends his time thinking about photography. Hence this blog.

Also he doesn’t like referring to himself in the third person. It’s weird.

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