When Are You Big Enough That You Can Start Ignoring People?

I went and saw Henry Rollins last week. That guy is intense. Talked for 2 hours straight, nonstop without a sip of water. What I really enjoyed about him is that he’s in high demand and tours all over the world, yet he tells us that he takes the time to reply to anyone who writes him. I’m going to have to test this out and actually write him something. It may take him a while to respond to me, but I’m sure that he will eventually.

Which brings me to today’s topic. Nothing bugs me more than when people start to get such a big ego that they think they’re too good to respond. What’s that about? Did you forget where you came from? Did you forget that you were once an ordinary person trying to climb the ladder in your industry? Remember the doors you tried to knock on? What’s worse is when they reach out to you when they needed something and then when you reach back to them, it’s crickets. I would understand if you were an A list celebrity, if so hire a staff to answer those letters/emails. I’m a normal guy, I have a little niche of about 10 people, but any time I get an inquiry/email, I make sure that I respond at least once. If a person comments on my photo or page, I make sure I take the time to thank them. If I can’t thank them individually, I at least acknowledge the whole string of comments in one reply.

Maybe you’ll feel differently one day when you’re washed up and no one really cares about you or your work, then you will start treasuring the love and attention that’s being showered onto you. I try to live my life and treat people exactly the way I want to be treated. In a world of “ME ME ME!” it’s refreshing to see someone of Henry’s status give back, even if it’s just a simple “Thank you.” note.

So the answer to the question of this post:


3 thoughts on “When Are You Big Enough That You Can Start Ignoring People?

  1. Quavondo, you hit it right on the head but SUPEREGO is all around us, not just with creatives. Keep the manners our parents showed us, over and over, and eventually… the world will respond!? Great post😉

  2. I’m waiting for a Henry Rollins/Colin Firth/Mark Darcy combination of a man to come along. In a superficial city like Vancouver, filled with far too many dismissive men (i.e. film industry types) with Peter Pan Syndrome (chasing after young women, who are equally as superficial and rude) … I reckon I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life …

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