O’Pearl Design Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

We’re going back old school. This was done before I started doing behind the scenes. Whenever I shoot Jillian, she would always have a flip camera on her and she would film everything. Wherever she went, there was the camera in her hand pointed at people’s faces. =)

Here’s a shoot that we did for Kerry Yu’s O’Pearl Designs.

Darren (my assistant) had just started with me. Look at the little fro he’s got going on. Hell yeah! This night turned out to be pretty epic. We had the fire trunk and ambulance called to our hotel room. Someone on-set pretty much had alcohol poisoning and was puking/passing out in the bathroom. She’s also diabetic and she didn’t eat anything all day. She pretty much drank the whole bottle of tequila by herself and some champaign. She will remain nameless.😉

2 thoughts on “O’Pearl Design Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

  1. She should not let herself become too drunk as she knows that she is ill. Diabetes is a serious condition and it can be really affected with improper lifestyle. In fact, one of its causative factors is lifestyle. So she should better stop drinking before her health will be intensively compromised.

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