Quavondo’s New Website

Finally, it’s here. The release of my new website! I’m SO freaking excited about it. It’s been 5 months in the making. It only took this long because my attention was always needed else where, so my personal website got pushed to the back burners. Built from the ground up by one truly talented designer and programmer, Marcel Ganz of Flambe Agency. I had all these ideas in my head on what I wanted my site to do and I was blown away that Marcel was able to make every wish come true. Finally I’m able to rid myself of the Flash based website that can’t be seen on mobile devices and iPads! Amen. There are still minor kinks to work out for the mobile site, we’re working on that. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any suggestions to make my website better. Thanks so much!


Now that I’m pretty much done with this project, I want to let you guys know that I have two other pet projects in the works for you photographers out there. Both should be done by the end of the year if not sooner. One is with Marcel and the other one is with Pratik of Solstice Retouch. Stay tuned!


Quavondo’s Lighting Techniques Volume 2

I was driving a couple months ago and the thought of writing the second book on my lighting techniques came to mind. The thought stayed with me for about a couple of minutes until Avicii’s Wake Me UP came on, I started rocking out, the thought slipped away. That was the last time I’d thought about it until this morning when I received this email.


I just finished reading your book. It is WONDERFUL! The information is clear and well organized. The text compliments the images and diagrams extremly well. In particular I find that your “voice” is friend, fun and honest. Including the stories about mistakes you made (leaving your slave at home etc) creates you on level with others who have done the same. They will, I think, make it easier for a shooter to look for a work~around instead of freezing up in a panic. Also, having to change a plan and idea on the fly when circumstances change will have the same effect especially for the beginning or novice getting started. Another valuable piece of instruction and information is about the use of on camera flash as is the natural light and clip lamp information. It shows that great photography is possible on a very small budget and the book has no feel of “brand” selling. 

In closing, I can say that if I were to teach again, I would use your book as the book to teach lighting. It would be wonderful to find such books for photoshop etc.

I remain most sincere,”



Thank you Jacqueline for the wonderful email. In a World where you usually only hear from people when they aren’t happy with the product, it’s rewarding to get an email such as this. Perhaps it is time to start on volume 2. 

Quavondo’s Lighting Book is Best Seller on PhotoWhoa


I am truly flattered, PhotoWhoa recently did a review on my lighting book and had good things to say about it. They liked it so much that they are now carrying it. Good news for you if you’ve wanted to get a hold of my lighting book but haven’t gone around to it. It’s currently available in PDF format at PhotoWhoa for $5! I’m also proud to say that it’s one of their best sellers! It’s available until Oct. 25th. Don’t miss out!

Signed paperbacks are also available for purchase through me.



First Stocksy Emailer

It’s been a couple months since the launch of Stocksy and it looks like momentum is building, the collection is growing, and feedbacks have been overwhelmingly great! Here’s the first emailer that went out:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.07.30 AM


It was an honor to be featured alongside some amazing photographers. Go check out Stocksy for all your marketing needs, use the coupon code “FREELOVE” for a free small photo or a $10 credit. Also, check out my Stocksy Portfolio while you’re there. Contact me for a 20% off code for your first entire order. Please pass along to your designer/art director friends.


We’re All Amateurs

We all have to start somewhere. We were all amateurs. I was cleaning out my email and I came across this email from Craigslist. Oh it brings back memories. I had just decided that I was going to walk to the ledge and jump, be committed to photography 100%, no turning back. So I posted this on Craigslist to find a mentor. A few people reached out to me, but I didn’t stay with them long. Their styles were different than mine. I knew what I wanted to create in my head, I just didn’t know how to execute it.

Where it began

Now I’m blessed enough to be where I am in my career that I feel like I have something to offer back to the photography community. I try to always take on interns, so it doesn’t hurt to always check in with me. Also it took me a while to get settled into LA, but now I’m ready to put on workshops again. The first workshop will be in Seattle, June 29th, and the second workshop on the books is in San Fran, July 27th. More details to come.

Keep clickin’

I’m also available for one-on-one workshops in LA. Contact me if you’re interested.

Ms. Wood

Check out Ms. Wood. Awesome designer. I also used her designs in the Framed episode that featured me teaching how to shoot with one light.







model: Mei Teng
makeup/hair: Madeline Roosevelt

#1 Best Seller?! Thank you!

WOW! Thank you so much! I just saw on Amazon that my eBook is the #1 Best Seller in Photography Lighting category. Words can’t even begin to describe the emotions that I’m feeling.

Best Seller

Best Seller

When I decided to write this book, I was a bit hesitant. I knew that it was going to take a lot of time and effort but would it all be for nothing? I didn’t want to write a book just to say, “I wrote a book.” I honestly wanted to write the book that I’ve been searching for. It could be the BEST book ever written, if no one knows about it, it’s useless. My other fear is having a book that no one knows about. I have no marketing budget.

So today I want to thank you for all of you who’ve made this possible by blogging about it, sharing it on your Facebook wall, telling a friend, or even just buying it as a gift. It feels so rewarding to know that this book will not just die on the “shelf.”

Please continue to help spread the word. I truly truly truly appreciate it. If you could review/rate it for me on Amazon that would be wonderful too.

PS. The paperback looks much better than the eBook, but I’ll take the eBook being the #1 Best Seller. Is it wishful thinking to want the paperback to get on the Best Seller list too? =)